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...A quick short list of online malware analysis services,in order to make life easier...
Note that it is absolutely NOT necessary to make use of the following services,
before submitting direct links to sites hosting malware/exploits etc:
this goes up completely at your own personal choice...  :)

From our good friend CM_MWR,lol...  ;D

Provided by Hispasec Sistemas S.L.

Jotti's malware scan
Created and provided by Jordi Bosveld

Sponsored by Secure Business Austria
Developed by Secure Systems Lab (Vienna University of Technology)

Developed by the team of professionals who created PC Tools' flagship products.

VirSCAN Online AV Scanner


analyze malware behavior (linked via anubis) (linked via anubis)

scan web pages

not sure about this one:


Not a virus/malware analysis service,but a (french speaking) site,
that maintains a frequently updated list of all AV companies' current mail addresses. that someone can easily send a sample to most of them at once...

WOW, Anubis made it to this list :-) I just found out about this great site at the deepsec conference in november 2007 in vienna.

here's another site like Anubis (in some ways better, in other ways not)

brewt: (linked via anubis) (linked via anubis)

p.s. you can see the word "sunbelt" in the logo of because sunbelt owns it, as can also be seen from the licensing page.


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