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Also 0.3.0 fails, but I think I've understood why that happens :)

in this computer I use a Lan-> Modem/Router connection but persists also a dial-up connection
builded with Internet Explorer.

Some programs as mirc, skype when are launched opens the Dial-Up Windows,
I think vURL "sees" that exist this connection but is disabled and "thinks" that there is
no connection :)

This evening I'll remove that Dial-Up and if I'm correct, vURL should automatically
switch to the correct eth ;)

I'll write here the results, so if someone have the same problem, knows why..


If that does fix it, I'll modify the routine to allow for such :)

Cheers for letting me know :)


My supposition was correct, when I deleted from IE, to be sure that all Registry Key Entries will be
cleared, vURL 0.2.9 and 0.3.0 started correctly and accepts Dissection requests ;)

vURL seems to resolve correctly the URL, indeed I can see the Server IP correctly solved,
but for every URL that I tried it sais that the server failed to return any actual content
but returned an OK (200) status code and obviously does not lists images or resolves owner

If I click into the TextBox that contains all informations (Server IP etc) surely happens an Exception because appears a MessageBox with the message Run-Time:error 429 - ActiveX component can't
create object and vURL is closed.

If you need other infos tell me freely ;)


The only AX used is MSXML, but this should display a non critical error telling you MSXML is missing;

Even without this, it should work using the URLDownloadToFile method ... which method is showing in the caption bar?

The used method is indeed URLDownloadToFile, I've already installed MSXML,
seems that only in certain cases it crashes now, I'll analyze deeply that thing..



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