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--- Quote ---hpHosts and the other larger files are worse (and need more people
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Worse at what exactly?

please update your hosts.txt

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Recent update from

Updated 00:00 (BST) 27/12/2008

The two lists are not synchronized


--- Quote from: urka on December 28, 2008, 08:43:37 am ---The two lists are not synchronized

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Thanks for the hint. I've found the problem.

I'm currently working on a cleanup of the list and have prepared some things.

1. The database contains now an additional field to flag inactives sites.

2. Search form at
    contains an additional checkbox to include inactive sites in search.

3. Inactive sites are no longer listed in hosts.txt. These sites can be found at delisted.txt


I can't seem to view any pages at all other than the first page. Any other page just loads up blank.


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